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Hi Jay! I see that you last visited in May. I was wondering how the Smile Foundation was coming along and if there will be any help in South Carolina? I look forward to talking with you again soon! Thanks! Sincerely, Sarah

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hi my name is jeff i am 27 years old from philly. i have always worked because i have to support my mom who is on disabilty cause of nerve problems in her neck, but in 99 i was working for a well known philly store delivering furniture piece fell off elevator as me and the owner stood underneath i pushed him out of way and i got hit by a bureau from second floor which messed my back and hand up till this day my hand is messed up. i have no use of my pinky. but after i got hurt they fired me which really messed me up. cause i just bought a house which i lost, and i had a ring picked out for girl they they were helping me get. i was making 2000 a week there at 19. so after fired i couldnt work and went threw all savings never got ring either. i am now 27 i still cant work and cant get welfare cause my mom is on disabilty. ive been with girl for 9 years i was finally able to get her a little ring and wants to gete married but i cant until i get my teeth fixed which are severly damaged. cause i cant work to get insurance cause that company screwed me. and last week i found fours lumps in my testicles and went to emergency room and the doctor is really really concerned about the one. all of the enamel rotted off my teeth and they are really bad to the point where i dont even go out at all never i dont smile laugh or even really talk to any one when i do go out cause i am so embarrassed. its disgusting. i need help please someone help. i can never get a break since that company ruined my life. ever since then its been down hill and my twin bro is getting married and he wants me to be best man but i turned him down cause i cant be in the pics. and now i might have testicular cancer. which i do have proof of same with my hand i have docs and pics of the surguries and all too. this aint someone trying to make money i am someone who has never got a break looking for one. i just need help getting teeth fixed. i cant even really eat anything anymore either. if any one can help me i will do anything to get my teeth fixed. please help me any way you can any help is good help thank yous all in advance.anything even advice is appreciated. thanks jeff

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I am living from paycheck to paycheck. I have dental insurance if you want to call it that. I need all my teeth whats left of them removed and dentures. I have been in pain for two years and sick from the absesed teeth in my mouth. I have bad credit and nobody will give me a loan. I am willing to make monthly payment to anybody that will trust another human being in trouble. I work steady and I am not a dead beat or want something for nothing just somebody to trust me. Ken

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